REBEL Rebel RBC01 Pro Compact Smart Charger (Lipo,Life,Nimh)

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Charge your batteries safely and compactly with a Rebel Power Pro Smart Charger. Our compact chargers are specially designed to safely charge LiPO, LiFe and NiMH batteries, eliminating the need to have multiple chargers. The RBC01 Pro features an integrated automatic cut off to prevent overcharging, essential for protecting against the main cause of damage to airsoft batteries. When charging a LiPo battery, we always recommend using a Battery Safety Sack for extra precaution.

This compact charger is perfect for on the go charging. The RBC01 is simple to use, justplug in your battery, and once the LED light turns green, your battery is fully charged.


  • Compatibility: LiPO, LiFe & NiMH Batteries 
  • Color: Black 
  • Automatic Cut Off 
  • Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity Protection 
  • Compact & Lightweight Design 
  • Durable Polymer Casing 

Dimension: 90x60x35mm

Cell Count Range: 1-3 cells

Power Supply Voltage: 100-240v AC

Max. Charge Current: 900mAx3

Operational Mode Display: via 3 LED's

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