CYBERGUN Cybergun FN P90 AEG with Red Dot Sight, black

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Whether you are a sniper looking for a compact AEG backup or want something short and light to take advantage of your agility, the Cybergun P90 is perfect for the job. This AEG boasts full metal construction, realistic trademarks licenced by FN Herstal itself and ambidextrous controls, perfect for left-handed shooters or those who like to shoot from both shoulders to make the best use of cover.

he internals are based around the TM P90 design, meaning a version 6 gearbox, rotary HOP-up unit and full compatibility with aftermarket upgrades for the TM P90. Also fitted are a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel for an improvement in accuracy potential and 8mm bushings for a smoother gearbox report and a slight increase in rate of fire. If you like to move fast and crawl in the woods, the P90 is your best friend!

tarting the front, we can see an alloy P90-style flash hider with a swept back front and two ports at the top. The flash hider attaches to the outer barrel via 14mm CCW male threads, which will allow tracer units, suppressors, and sound amplifiers to be fitted right away. The flash hider is retained by a grub screw on the bottom, so make sure you remove this before attempting to unscrew it or you will damage the threading. 

The upper receiver assembly is constructed entirely from Alloy, keeping this P90 realistic and granting it full metal construction. The upper receiver provides a short 20mm Picatinny rail on either side, ideally positioned for a tactical flashlight or laser unit to be mounted. These rails can also be removed if not in use to save a bit of weight and lean into the P90's agile nature. 

The top rail also includes built-in emergency backup open iron sights, which are very similar to pistol sights but machined into the upper rail surface itself. These sights are functional, but we recommend adding a red dot sight to allow for a more comfortable head position when aiming and faster target acquisition. 

The charging handles can be found just below the upper assembly, and are mirrored on either side. The charging handles are non-functional in that pulling them back does nothing but are included as they are an essential part of the P90 aesthetic. 

Like the real P90, the lower body is a two-part clamshell design, held together with a combination of steel Allen bolts and faux bolts moulded into the body itself. FN Herstal markings appear on either side of the stock, just behind the thumbhole, with an FNH logo and "Licensed by FN Herstal" moulded below.

The HOP-up of the P90 is inside the stock and accessible through a small port within the thumbhole grip. The HOP-up unit is of the standard P90 rotary type, meaning aftermarket alternatives are compatible and the unit holds its setting well in the long term and can be adjusted in fine increments for the perfect trajectory with your chosen BB weight. 

The P90 has a rather unconventional setup as far as the grip and handguard go, providing an integrated vertical grip with handstop for the support hand, and an angled thumbhole grip for the firing hand. This configuration keeps the shooter's hands close together, and may initially feel strange but provides some advantages which other more conventional designs lack. The grip being so close to the muzzle allows the P90 to be more accurately pointed; steering the barrel of this PDW is a lot closer to just pointing your fingers at the target, making the P90 easy to shoot accurately and minimizing the chances of oversteering and going past your target.

The angled thumbhole grip, coupled with the top feeding arrangement allows the P90 user to get very very low when in the prone position, giving the user the advantage of cover where there normally is none. Being able to reload without rotating your primary when lying down can be an invaluable advantage, and one the enemy will not expect. The magazine release is perfectly positioned to facilitate this; it can be found at the top of the receiver, just in front of the shooter's face, and is easily accessible from either side.

The fire selector lever for the P90 can be found below the trigger and is a rotary design which is accessible from either side, adding to the P90's already exceptional ergonomics, and pairing well with its other ambidextrous features. The safe position, denoted by a white "S" provides a trigger lock, the "1" position, denoting semi-automatic provides a single shot, and the fully-automatic position, denoted with an "A" provides a two-stage trigger; with a short press firing a single shot, and a long extended press firing fully automatic. Visually identifying these positions is aided through the coloured markings, with both the dangerous modes marked in red, and safe being marked in white.

At the rear of the P90, we can find a rubber butt plate, which can be removed using the button at its base, providing access to the P90's battery compartment, and its internals. We recommend a 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo battery in crane configuration but an 8.4V 1600mAh NiMH block battery will also fit. Also present is a sling slot in the lower body, providing an appropriate mounting solution for a P90 sling or the addition of a P90 QD sling adaptor.

Inside the P90, we have a Tokyo Marui compatible version 6 gearbox, meaning upgrades for the V6 are a go-ahead. The shell of the gearbox is constructed from alloy and the gearset is steel, giving you strength where needed to keep the P90 running in the long term. The bushings on which the gears run are 8mm in diameter, reducing stress on the gearbox shell while also reducing friction for an improvement in rate of fire. A nice surprise is this P90's 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel which should improve accuracy potential and give you slightly higher FPS for the same power spring. 

So, if you fancy a P90 for a great price, the Cybergun P90 is the way to go! With TM-compatible internals, licenced trademarks and a fantastic but contentious external design, this platform would make a great sniper's backup weapon or primary for the aggressive player who values ergonomics!


  • Full metal construction
  • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel - Great accuracy potential 
  • Bullpup configuration - Short overall length, long inner barrel
  • 14mm CCW Male threaded outer barrel - Tracer/suppressor ready
  • 20mm Picatinny railed receiver/optics bridge - Ready for a red dot sight or scope
  • Short 20mm Picatinny rails on each side - Ideal for a flashlight or laser
  • Ambidextrous magazine release - Easy access from either side
  • Ambidextrous charging handle - Non-functional, included for aesthetics
  • Ambidextrous fire selector switch - Inside the trigger guard, accessible for left or right-handed shooters
  • Rotary adjustable HOP-up unit - Accessible through the port in the top of the stock's thumbhole
  • Top-mounted magazine - Far easier to reload when in the prone position
  • Version 6 gearbox - Alloy shell, steel gears, 8mm bushings
  • Battery compartment inside the stock - Press the button on the bottom of the butt plate and slide it down to access
  • Rear wired to a mini-Tamiya connector - Recommended battery: 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo in nun-chuck/crane configuration
  • Compatible with standard P90 AEG magazines

Package Includes

  • Cybergun CM.060 P90 Submachine Gun AEG
  • 68rnd Low-cap magazine
  • Speed loader
  • User manual
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