Ares Ares Classic Line Lee Enfield SMLE British No. 4 MK1

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Ares Classic Line SMLE British Lee Enfield No.4 MK1(T) (CLA-004)

The Legendary Lee Enfield .303 Rifle is a bolt action, magazine fed rifle that has served the British Empire and its Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. The British Army adopted several different variants of this gun from 1895 to 1957. The No.4 MK1 variant was adopted during the beginning of World War II in 1941 as it was stronger yet easier to mass-produce compare to the previous SMLE or Short Magazine, Lee Enfield variants.

The ARES Lee Enfield NO 4 MK1 is a truly fantastic replica of this legendary rifle. When you consider the gun's metal parts are 95% made of stainless steel, it also has a really nice High-quality wood stock giving it a very rugged feel, the feel of a true battle rifle. Much like the real steel weapon, the ARES Lee Enfield NO 4 MK1 also features a smooth action, something this rifle was well known for.

Unlike most ARES spring bolt action airsoft guns, this Lee Enfield features a direct BB feeding system, similar to the Amoeba STRIKER series to make even the internal action much more realistic. The gun comes with a steel 35 round magazine and the whole package is finished off in a hard plastic gun case.

If you're looking for a rifle for WW2 re-enactments, cosplay or even a really nice wall hanger, this gun is the perfect rifle to do so.

  • Museum Grade
  • 95% Made of 304 Stainless Steel with QPQ Finishing
  • High-Quality Real Wood
  • New Direct BB Feeding System Designed for Classic Line
  • Authentic Magazine
  • Wood Grain Plastic Gun Case 
  • LENGTH : 1125mm 
  • WEIGHT : 3600g 
  • MAGAZINE : 35 rounds (6mm BB) 
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