WE WE 19 Series Force Series Custom GBBP (Black - Silver Slide - Gold Barrel)

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WE Custom Hi-Capa GBBP (Black) (Silver Slide - Gold Barrel) - Metal Slide with WE custom design, discrete ejector and slide buffer - Comes with metal outer barrel with WE marking and ready for attaching silencer adapter - Comes with fibre iron sights - Comes with Polymer Lower Frame with we marking, standard slide stop, large magazine catch, custom trigger set and Maxwell - Realistic trigger function same as real steel - Adjustable Hop up system - Included 24+1 rounds E17 Magazine with custom mag base - Included one grip cover - Length: 199mm - Barrel Length: ~100mm - Shooting Mode: Safety (trigger safety) , Semi-Auto - Colour: Silver Slide, Black Frame, Silver Barrel - Magazin: 24 + 1 rounds - Material: Metal, Polymer - 300 FPS (Abbey Vertex Gas and 0.2g Big Foot BB?s)

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