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Snow Wolf M3A2 Full Metal Grease Gun in Black

The United States Submachine Gun, Cal..45, M3 is an American. 45-caliber submachine gun that was adopted by the U.S. Army on December 12, 1942.  The M3 was made for the same calibre. 45 ACP round that the Thompson submachine gun used, but it was cheaper and easier to make in large quantities. It was also lighter.  People frequently called the M3 the "Grease Gun" or just "the Greaser" because it looked like a mechanic's tool. 

The M3 was meant to replace the Thompson, and by mid-1944, it was being used on the front lines. During the Korean War as well as other wars, the M3A1 variant was also used.

This snow wolf Replica is Based on the real-world M3 / M3A1 Submachine gun; this is a high-quality reproduction of an iconic historical weapon.

The Real M3A1 With its stamped, riveted, and welded construction, the M3 was originally designed as a minimum-cost small arm, to be used and then discarded once it became inoperative.

The Snow Wolf Airsoft replica itself is powered by electricity, using batteries and a motor to fire. It has an electronic blowback system that moves the fake bolt plate to the back when it is fired to make it look like the gun is recoiling.

The submachine gun is almost entirely made of Alloy. The only parts made of polymer are the parts inside the gearbox, like the piston.

The replica also has the same weld and join marks as the real weapon, which adds to its level of realism. The stock can also be moved in and out and locks into place when ready to fire.

This grease gun is not your average Airsoft replica. It has an electronic blowback system that uses the movement of the gearbox to move the fake bolt plate back and forth, making a loud clang sound and a slight recoil to make the weapon feel more real when it is used.

The replica's battery is in the grip. To get to the battery, you have to first take off the bottom cap by pushing the nub to the back. Once the battery is changed, the plate can be put back on and locked in place by pushing the nub forward.

This replica is perfect for Airsoft skirmishers who want to do a WW2/World War 2 load out or for military reenactors who want to ditch their prop for something that can also be used for target practise.

The M3 and M3A1 were largely withdrawn from U.S. frontline service beginning in 1959, but continued to be issued until at least the 1991 Gulf War as equipment aboard armoured vehicles, in particular, the M60 tank.

Please note that the battery compartment on the rifle has a small entry window. We recommend that you use the 7.4V LIPO STICK BATTERY, as it is will be small enough to fit in the grip. The battery has a small capacitance, so you buy two batteries to ensure you have enough power for a full day of skirmishing.

The bb guns battery compartment window is accessed by pushing the tab at the bottom to the rear; this will release the flap. After inserting the battery, please make sure this latch is closed by pushing it forward to stop it from falling out.

The bb guns battery compartment measures at: 3.2cm x 1.5cm, with a max depth of 8cm to account for wires.

Please note that the replica only fires in Fully Automatic.

The rifle does not come with a battery or charger. 


Other Features

Based on the M3 Grease Gun used by US military and many other forces in WW2
Fully Automatic Firing mode
Heavyweight and realistic full metal construction
Electric Blowback System to simulate recoil
Removable front end
One piece receiver design
Battery storage compartment in the grip
Mock charging handle
Large push button magazine release
Electronic trigger
Large trigger guard for glove users
Sliding 2 position stock
Dust cover can be folded back to display the moving mock bolt plate
Linear adjustable hop-up unit hidden behind the mock bolt plate
Peephole style fixed ironsight
520rnd High capacity wheel wound magazine
Left side sling loops
Mini-Tamiya Connector for the battery
Package Includes:
M3 Submachine Gun
Hi Cap Magazine

Technical Details,
AEG Variant (EBB/NBB): NBB
Approximate Range: 55 m
Bearings: 8 mm, ball bearings/bushing, metal
BlowBack: Yes
Caliber: 6 mm
Connector Type: Tamiya Mini
Fire Mode: safe/full-auto
Gearbox Version: version M3 (8 mm)
Gun Length: 580/750 mm
Gun Weight: 3,15 kg
Hop-Up: adjustable hop-up
Inner Barrel Length: 200 mm
Magazine: hi-cap
Magazine Capacity: 520 BB Rounds
Motor Type: Long torque
Motor Variant: Long
Muzzle velocity specified by manufacturer: 100 m/s [328 fps]
Muzzle velocity the measured: 105 m/s [344 fps]
Recommended BBs: 0.20 - 0.25 g


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