classic army SCAR Light, Classic Army NEW OLD STOCK

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Automatic electric airsoft gun (AEG). Replica of model SCAR Light from Classic Army.

Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is a weapon designed by Belgian company FN Herstal-which is also behind the development of popular weapons P90. SCAR was deliberately designed as a future weapon of special military units. On the real gun strong and durable plastics is widely used which require minimal maintenance and can withstand rough handling. Also worth mentioning is the Tan color of weapon, which was evaluated as more practical than the usual black. The gun has a folding and retractable stock (3 positions), which is also equipped with an adjustable quick cheek piece. The body has a plurality of RIS rails, which are used to attach accessories such as. Red dot, laser, flashlight, tactical grip, etc. Front and rear sights are folding. This model is produced by Classic Army. It contains reinforced gearbox 7 mm version 2. High Speed ​​& High Torque motor, increased internal components (e.g. gears, piston, piston head with the bearing, ball bearings 7 mm, metal spring guide with bearing, nozzle NB and the cylinder etc.) and Wind Up Hi-cap Magazine for 300 rds. Each weapon has its unique serial number that is stamped on the body. Magazines are compatible with the type M16/M4/M15.

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