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  • KWAs Variable FPS System
  • Full metal receiver and barrel assembly
  • Enlarged trigger guard and ambidextrous fire controls make weapon manipulations easy
  • One piece rotary hop up
    • Switch lift extender prevents the burnout of trigger contacts
    • 30/120rd. magazine cut off compatibility
    • Improved design now allows for easy installation of popular electronic triggers such as the GATE Titan
    • Powered by KWA's newest AEG3 Gearbox

    For the first time since the initial release of the original VM4 and RM4 Ronin, KWA is giving our two flagship AEGs a much-anticipated facelift.

    The VM4 M10 variant is equipped with a brand new MLOK rail. Gone is the fixed front sight post allowing end users the flexibility of a red dot or low-power, variable optics (LPVO).

    Dynamic AEG reloads is made possible by KWA™s cutoff gearboxes found only in the first-generation AEG 2.5 and 3.0 systems. The cutoff system prevents the rifle from firing on an empty magazine and emphasizes reloading muscle memory. Resume the gun fight by disengaging the mock bolt catch once a new magazine has been inserted into the rifle and continue to sling BBs downrange. Both the Q10 and M10 are compatible with standard AEG M4 magazines and are designed to work with KWA™s designated cutoff magazines; the K120C and MS120C.

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