E&C E&C 300 round M4 / M16 High cap

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E&C 300 round M4 / M16 High cap

High capacity winding magazine for M4/M16 series AEG. Metal case with plastic internals and holds 300 rounds.

– Metal outer casing
– Holds 300 rounds
– Stanag style
– Colour: Black

Sheet steel outer casing with durable plastic internals. The high capacity magazines are filled through a hatch in the top and you wind the wheel on the bottom to bring the BBs up to the feeding tube.

One full wind of the magazine should give the mag enough tension to feed all of the BBs without having to wind again, however, there may be some left over that can’t feed up. It fits most brands cloned from Tokyo Marui, but may be some tolerance issues in some magwells.

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