DELTA ARMOURIES Delta Armory AR15 CQB-R Half Tan Charlie AEG DA-C02-HT

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The CHARLIE AEG series from Delta Armory is characterized above all by high-quality internals, which are very unusual for this price range of budget guns

  • Quick spring change system Gen. 2 – Changing springs without dismantling the AEG
  • quick replacement of the QRS AEG engine
  • Hop-Up rotation chamber
  • Reinforced V2 gearbox with steel gears and 7 mm bearings that holds M120 to M130 springs for a long time
  • 6.03mm precision barrel
  • SHS Piston with 14 metal teeth
  • SHS Tappet Plate

The Charlie AEG series consists largely of metal and polycarbonate polymer. The following components are made of metal : Sling swivel, CNC type A trigger, outer barrel and many internals. The remaining components are made of impact-resistant polymer.

The AEG is equipped with a long 22 mm RIS rail . The RIS rail offers the possibility of mounting a wide range of accessories such as optics, lasers or flashlights.
The barrel is finished with a -14 mm (CCW) thread for the installation of silencers.

The set includes:

  • Delta Armory M4 CQB-R Charlie AEG
  • Hi-Cap magazine 300 BBs
  • Flip-up sight


Material: polymer + metal
Weight: 2,480 g
Length: 700 – 785 mm – 6.03 mm Tuning inner barrel: 400 mm
Shot modes: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto

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