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An intelligent auto-stop charger which allows you to charge all types of LiPo and LiFe battery used with Airsoft Guns. The battery features a Polymer Housing and charges batteries which house between Two and Four Cells. The charger supports both 7.4v, and 11.1v, the most common battery voltages for Airsoft LiPo. Included in the set you will find the charger itself, a charging lead with a mini-Tamiya connector and a UK power lead with a 3-pin plug.

This is the perfect charger for any Airsoft Skirmisher who wants a cheap charger which is of a high quality, rather than spending more money on a more high-tech charging unit. The charger is not unique to Airsoft, and can be used with any brand of LiPo and LiFe battery, and can also be used in RC Cars, Drones, Controllers, or anything with a removable LiPo battery.

  • Auto Balancing
  • 1A – 3A Charge
  • For LiPo / LiFe
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